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Höytiä is a village in the municipality of Uurainen. Located in the very middle of Central Finland, the village is a lively community of about 400 residents. It provides a safe environment with local activities and well preserved nature sites. Höytiä is simultaneously a getaway and easy to reach.

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Local sites to visit

Plenty of animals roam through the woods of Höytiä – among spotted are lynx, moose and bears. A certain fierce capercaillie is also known to have once flown in through a window. The old buildings speak of times before mobile devices and websites, more recent ones portray the locals’ enthusiasm for yard work and reconstruction.

Höytiä has a diverse nature with bogs, cliffs, pine woods and altitude differences. The tallest spots you can find are Riihimäki and Höytiänmäki with views unlike any other in the area. The Sivula mill by the side of the road Muuraismäentie was rebuilt by the community among many other sites. The center of the village is kept nice and neat with beautiful planting and a public lean-to barbecue spot accessible for anyone to use, free of cost. It’s worth a stop.


Konttivuori is a more passable site with a trail surrounded by stark cliffs. There is a lean-to shelter at the end of the two kilometer trail if you wish to light a campfire, enjoy or prepare a meal or stay overnight. The trail also runs near the reserved part of Konttivuori which landowner Eero Vääräsmäki proposed to be protected.

A spot along the Konttivuori trail (Photo by Asta Huutonen)

The starting point for the Konttivuori trail is located about one kilometer away from the center of Höytiä. As you travel along the road Muuraismäentie, you will find the spot near the junction of Hanhikankaantie. You will recognize it also from the parking area and the information board with a map of the area. The actual trail starts from the opposite side of the road. For a GPS device you can enter the address Hanhikankaantie 1, Uurainen.

Talkoovuori and Miehinkäinen

Talkoovuori-Miehinkäinen is a joint site located on the border of Uurainen and Kotaperä. The trail splits into two alternatives which both are about 1,5 kilometers long. Being both short hikes, Talkoovuori and Miehinkäinen are easily doable on the same visit.

The Talkoovuori trail takes the hiker through a mixed forest and finishes at a moderate gorge. Miehinkäinen is a more passable trail with bogs, ponds and a bird watching tower along its way. Stop by to spot nesting birds and other animals (like the fox pictured below).

The parking space for the Talkoovuori-Miehinkäinen trail is located about six kilometers from the center of Höytiä. The address is Kaijantie 562, Uurainen.

Local fox enjoying the Miehinkäinen scenery (Photo by Eetu Salmi)
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